Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Season of the Witch is Here

Season of the witch

Movie : Season of the Witch
Release Date : 6th January 2011 (Sunday)
Venue : Cinema in Malaysia

Enjoy this latest movie of Nicholas Cage in the cinema start from 6th January 2011.

When we heard about witches, first things that come to our mind is all the witches appear in the fairy tale story. 
Do you remember the witch in the Snow White story ? 
An apple by a witch that make a beautiful princess that never awake unless she got a kiss from a prince. I scare to the witch after my mother told me this story since i am 5 years old.

Do you remember the witch in the The Frog Prince Story?
A spell that make a handsome prince to become a frog.

Then i will think of the witches in the movies such as Bellatrix Harry Potter and Medusa in Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief.

In my opinion, Bellatrix is the coolest witch wheres Medusa is the most pity witch.
Below are the features of a witch which scaring me:
  • Old lady with ugly face
  • Long pyramid hats
  • Long finger nails
  • Long nose
  • Big eye 
  • Long black cloth
  • Ride with Broomsticks
  • A lot of magic equipments such as magic crystals, magic book, magic liquid, magic mirror etc.
  • Can give spells at anytime to anyone (especially pretty girls)
  • Can be transform to black cat or bat
  • Appear in the dark and night
  • Spirit of dead
The most scare me is the witch that look like a human or friends to you, but actually she already preparing to spell on you because of jealous and you not actually know that you already being spells. I will be very scary a witch that will take away everyone and everything I love in my life.

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  1. Medusa is a witch ??? xaxaxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa read some Greek before you post rubbish